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Six Imp Ear Fics

Six Imp Ear Stories
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Welcome! This is a fic challenge community like fanfic100, only with a rather different and smaller challenge: a collection of six scent-descriptions from the perfumery Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.1

This is a multi-fandom community friendly to slash, het, and gen. We accept all ratings and genres; just write what the prompts inspire you to write. You may write alone or with a co-author.

Do not post in the community until your claim has been accepted.

Step One: Read the FAQ, join the community, read over the various prompt lists, and check the claims already made. The claims table can be found here.

Step Two: Make your claim here listing the series, characters, and prompt list you want to write for.

Step Three: Once your claim is accepted, post your list to your own journal and give me the link here.

Step Four: When you're ready to post a fic, request a tag here.

Step Five: When you post a fic, use the subject line [Claim] - [Fandom] - Title. And use the following header before the lj-cut. You must 'cut your stories, whether real or fake-cut.

Step Six: Finished? Let me know right here, and I'll see about getting your banner made.


Are there any deadlines?

Nope! This is a low-pressure comm, just here to provide you with some potential inspiration in a different way.

Do I have to pick a specific focus?

Nope! If you want to write 'general series', just note that down. Or a specific character, a pairing, a tripling, whatever you want to write.

If I pick a pairing, does each fic have to have that pairing in it?

In a way. You can write a story that focuses on only one half of the pairing, but you have to at least mention the other half. And no writing the pairing characters as being background filler in a fic.

What's the minimum word-count?

100 words to count as a fic.

When do I post?

As you finish them.

How many claims are allowed at once?

Two. As soon as you can finish one, you can make another claim. If you do make a third claim, though, you can't make a fourth claim until you've finished the second claim.

Do I have to post them in order?


Does the prompt have to be used in the fic?

No. It should suggest the prompt, but, given the nature of the prompts, using them in the fic is rather difficult.

Do you allow crossovers? RPF?

Yes to both.

Any questions not on the FAQ? E-mail me at beckyh [at] republicofnewhome [dot] org.

Brushes used in community graphics come from aDr Alchemy Pages by ashadevarasa on deviantArt, and Keep Dreaming Vol. 3 by ThaSprout on deviantArt.

1. This community is in no way officially associated with BPAL. It's just here because I adore their scent-descriptions.